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     Mr. Pothier is a master craftsman of First Period Colonial structures, using the original tools and methods of the 17th and 18th century Joyner to meticulously preserve, restore and recreate important details and features, such as period doors, front entryways, raised paneled and feathered edge walls, stair cases, mantels, wide pine floors, moldings and windows.

     Mr. Pothier has devoted many years to research and study original materials used in early New England structures. He is very proud of his studies with the dean of New England Architectural historians, Dr. Abbott Lowell Cummings, former Director of the society for the preservation of New England Antiquities and retired professor of Decorative Arts at Yale University.


    The greatest pleasure with my work is to see a historic structure, kept in an original state of preservation, for future generations to view and enjoy.

    This can be accomplished with a scheduled maintenance plan and the knowledge I have gained through my many years of research, study and hands on experience.

     I help home owners develop and implement such plans, to authentically preserve the historic craftsmanship handed down to them from their forefathers.


"This is their legacy for future generations."


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Telephone  (603) 642.8613

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Mailing: PO Box 31,  Kingston, NH 03848

E-mail  robertpothier@comcast.net

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